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I Am Brent Stromberg

I am a web developer and designer with nearly 16 years experience in the web industry. My current expertise is in custom WordPress development, creating templates and plugins for all purposes. I am highly proficient in HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.
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an image of me, my wife Rainey, and our daughter Emily laying in the grass

Design Thinking

I put humans, people, co-workers, friends and clients just like you at the center of design thinking. It‘s a philosophy and methodology that can bring about great change. I think it will help you and your design needs.

Three circles that read 'Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation'
Three circles that read 'Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation'

Check Out My Work

I love what I do and I think it shows. From e-commerce to artist’s portfolios to business directories, my work covers a large gamut of creative problem solving. Check out some of my work and see for yourself.
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